The Washington Times, about as friendly a venue as Mike Huckabee could want, gives a moderate review to his new bookette. Conversational style is “appealing,” reviewer says, but he says the governor is not “profound.” No kidding. The phrase “inch deep and a mile wide” wasn’t coined for Huckabee, but the shoe fits. Huck’s continued advocacy of the deeply flawed, but surface-appealing flat tax is a good example of his (lack of) depth.

Reviewer Claude Marx (would that be the former Arkie journalist?) notes, too, the Huckster’s jabs at Mitt Romney and Huck’s fixation on the wealthy. I judge, however, that he hasn’t met the former governor:


Although the former Arkansas governor is anything but mean-spirited, he seems to dislike the wealthy. He is especially obsessed with Mitt Romney. According to a blogger for Politico who counted, Mr. Romney’s name appears on at least 25 pages. Many of those references are attempts at score settling.