Black Friday has begun. The doors flew open at J.C. Penney’s in LR a couple of hours ago. I’m happy not to be waiting in line for a Nintendo or other hot toy this year. (But I confess, I miss the part about having kids at home to thrill with surprises.)

Says here that markdowns are unparalleled. But will that be enough to make people shop? I’m inclined to pessimism about it. Our comfortable, two-income family will be very conservative this year. The market devastation has been too great, the future remains too uncertain.


Christmas doesn’t require an orgy of shopping, of course. This year, the season offers even a learning experience — a semi-forced contemplation on things more valuable than flat-screen TVs.

Meanwhile, there is a football game in town. I’m going to drive down to Dallas to see the King Tut exhibit, so posting here will be limited.


What are you spending this year? What’s hot?