Well, I’m back.

Great day in Dallas. King Tut was swell, particularly since we got tickets at the 8 a.m. opening and the crush of people was bearable. No crush of people at all later at the downtown Neiman-Marcus, where we admired the Christmas windows and bought nothing, but enjoyed a Holiday spread of gorgeous salads, smoked salmon and other choice stuff, including warm popovers.


We caught a great movie, “Slumdog Millionaire,” at the Magnolia, one of those theaters where you can swig a beer or martini at your seat. I didn’t dare. Not and hope to watch the movie straight through without a break.

We also toured the giant North Park Mall, busy, but not in any overwhelming fashion Again, no spending for me. Ellen contributed a very modest amount to helping a certain Little Rock department story family return to profitability. Merry Christmas from the Brantley family, Bill. You’ve been such a peach over the years it was the least we could do.


The rest of you have at it.