It’s all old news now, but Barack Obama apparently plans to announce Hillary Clinton as his secretary of state on Monday. It will be a sad day for the Beltway commentariat, which apparently believed its yowls of unhappiness would squelch this. Obama is going to be his own president. That’s good. She’s smart. She’s hard-working. She knows the players. She’s traveled the world. All those things are a good start. I believe she will follow instructions well. If Obama’s instincts are good, we’ll be fine. What you think?

Attention now turns, at least for a time, to Bill Clinton’s agreement to release names of contributors to his library, not just to Obama, but to the public at large according to this account. This has been carefully guarded for eight years or more. It should prompt scores of stories outlining relationships between contributors and the U.S. government, past and future. I presume the Obama team had a first look and knows what this will hold.