The calling of a special UA Board meeting today indicates the university will make a proposal for use of the Ray Winder Field property. The city has set a deadline today for redevelopment of the former minor league baseball park. Some baseball fans want to retain the rundown facility as a baseball field for youth sports. The best idea is from the Little Rock Zoo. It would take the land for expansion of the landlocked and popular facility for adequate grounds for an elephant breeding program. UA, believe it or not, is about to run out of room to expand UAMS, so presumably its idea is to use the property in that context.

What do I have against baseball? Nothing. But LR already struggles to maintain existing baseball facilities. The minor league park is a dump waiting to happen. It’s far more of a facility than youth baseball needs. It also would lie fallow much of the year. If we are to have a zoo worthy of the name — and the city seems committed to that over the long haul — it needs more space. It would produce the most enjoyment for the most people, a worthy park goal.


But if none of that works out, I renew my vote for razing the field and installing a track for recreational use and the UALR track team. And certain senior walkers/discus throwers.

INSTANT SURVEY: Vote at this link on your preferred use of Ray Winder.


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And here’s the UAMS proposal to buy the land for parking.


Summary of four proposals received Monday on the jump. Also, at the end, the summary of one of the baseball proposals.