It’s way old news by now, KTHV’s annual decision not to run the Victoria’s Secret holiday special. But since it gives me an opportunity to run a publicity shot from the special and perhaps rile state Rep. Donna Hutchinson, I accede to a reader’s cry that I link to a local blog fulmination on THV GM Larry Audas’ continuing disapproval of the public display of undergarments.

The blogger offers other channels with the show tonight at 9 and comments:


… the attitude is that scantly clad women is somehow evil, but the violence on many shows gets a pass … I don’t see the American Family Association ranting about Jerry Springer or Maury and their sheep sending in cut ‘n paste “Action Alerts” to station managers about the way that Jerry’s and Maury’s guests conduct themselves in manners more akin to professional wrestling and a dive-bar brawl than an actual talk show.