We’ve turned on our new website.

Drive around and kick the tires.


But to resume commenting, you will have to register and create a user profile. You will be asked to provide an e-mail address. This may be kept in the private portion of your profile.

I’ve been double-posting to our old website and our new one all day. The speed of posting is a miracle after years of the long delay.


Once you sign in, you stay signed in.

Because of my double-posting, all entries I’ve made since about 4 p.m. yesterday will appear on the new blog. BUT, we will not be able to migrate all comments made on posts in the last 23 hours. They are lost to eternity, sorry to say. We’ve had some good ones. Feel free to re-post.


NOTE: There will be some delay in getting a response to Until that change is incorporated, you may use

NOTE NOTE NOTE: Your old sign-in won’t work. You’ll have to register anew on the new system. You may use your old name as your screen name and your old password as your new password. BUT YOU MUST RE-REGISTER. Go to “sign in” link at upper right-hand corner of home page.