Wow. Old friends are piling into the new site.



Yes, you can just paste a url into your comment and it will turn into a clickable link.

Yes, you must preview your post before posting it. We may try to expedte that in the future.


Yes, Nanc, you, too, can have a photo with your name. Just follow the profile instructions. Find a photo you like of yourself or something iconic (a Demo donkey, for example) and put it on your desktop. Then follow profile instructions to upload it. Or come on downtown and we’ll show you.

Everybody, check out restaurant listings, with maps, photos and some menus. Add your instant reviews.


E-mail stuff you like.

Link to Twitter and Facebook and RSS.

It’s a fine new world.

I saw another movie tonight at a jammed movie theater. The LR Film Festival is happening. I’ve seen Passenger Pigeons and Tiny Furniture and the (blush) cheese dip movie and hope to see many more.