NO PINHEAD: Joyce Elliott

  • NO PINHEAD: Joyce Elliott

It appears to me that Politico sought out this interview with Joyce Ellliot, the Democratic nominee for 2nd District Congress. The object probably was to draw her out on her Political Animals Club remark that only a “pinhead” would run against Washington. (Edtor’s note: TAP’s careful questioning sends us to the web: Elliott said, according to this account “I want to start by letting you know I am absolutely not running against Washington. Any pinhead can do that.”)


She’s explained herself quite adequately already. It is a little contradictory, at a minimum (more like hypocritical), to run against Washington when you are seeking a seat in Congress in Washington. Voters get that. They may hate the atmosphere, the partisanship, the gridlock, the process and the product in Washington. But it doesn’t mean they are not friendly to the people they decide to send there. And they must choose someone to go there. Elllott presents herself as someone seeking solutions, not someone — like the garden variety Republican — merely seeking to say “NO!”

But happily, attention in the interview turned to Elliot’s opponent Tim Griffin, a Bush White House alumnus and a proud (he said he’d name his baby for him) protege of Karl Rove.


Elliott said Griffin’s work in the White House was a clear indication that he looked up to the political maestro. “I think it matters who you admire and who you hold in high regard,” she said.

Indeed. But …

I wish we could make the 2nd District election about Karl Rove. Joyce Elliott would win in a landslide. It wouldn’t be unfair, because Griffin is a jackbooted disciple of the disciplined simple messaging and the politics of destruction of Rove’s brand of politics. But, to Griffin’s good fortune, I think voters will view a broader picture, as they generally do. That’s not a bad thing. I still think Elliot’s pitch to say she’ll be a productive part of Washington — as opposed to a roadblock to nearly everything — is effective. She’ll be essentially running against Rove by doing this.


UPDATE: John Brummett’s Saturday column reviews Elliott’s speech, pinhead comment and all, in generally favorable terms.