Tim Griffin’s main man, the man who would be speaker, Republican John Boehner, the man who in an interview in Pittsburgh diminished the financial crisis and said President Obama had overreacted against BP, has another swell idea:

Raise the retirement age to 70 for Social Security benefits. Index benefits. Means test.


Rationally speaking, an argument can be made for this. Politically? Tim Griffin, Republican nominee for 2nd District Congress, you want to elect a House speaker who’ll make the guys on garbage trucks keep humping until 70? You want all of us who’ve paid in every year to be denied benefits if we’ve managed to save a bit more? You want to reduce COLAs?

Tim, yes, let’s have this discussion on Boehner v. Pelosi.


PS — Some good comments below. I’m, first of all, with those who favor taking the income cap off Social Security contributions. That would go a long way toward a solution. We might need some incremental increases, in time, in full retirement age, but scalable as it is now. Means test? As Polecat has observed, that should be a non-starter. It will kill Social Security and the Republicans know it, that’s why they favor it.