I’m reminded again of the outrage in the declaration that the Little Rock School District is a waste of money. This is the flat declaration of a new lobby group created by the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce — which nominally tries to to lure industry to the capital city — and by the Billionaire Boys Club (Hussman/Walton/Stephens/Deming/Murphy). The billionaires believe destroying the Little Rock School District is the best way to achieve their goal of upending public education with charters, vouchers or anything but nasty public schools that sometimes harbor union members as well as highly diverse assemblies of students, many of whom manage to achieve wonderful things despite what the State Chamber and the Billionaires Club lobbyist Luke Gordy would have you believe.

Little Rock School Board members got an e-mail last night on new Arkansas Education Department figures on scholarships received by members of the class of 2010 at ONE Little Rock high school — Central.


That total: $10.2 million.

Wasted, I tell you. Every dime spent in LRSD. Central’s scholars might disagree. But what do they know? They’re just the ignorant products of a failed school district. Ask the Chamber of Commerce.


And tell it to the parents shown in a photo in Publisher Hussman’s newspaper today of some of the hundreds of west Little Rock parents flocking to the new Roberts Elementary School. They must not read the editorial page of Hussman’s newspaper. Stupid people.

Wasted, I tell you. Every dime of it.

School Board member Baker Kurrus, who notes that the Little Rock School District, on account of its wealth, receives less state equalization aid per student than most districts in the state, wonders if maybe the success of Roberts and other good news has stirred the fervor of the anti-LRSD crowd. (Don’t forget that Kurrus agrees with the Billionaire Boys in criticizing the School Board’s decision to challenge state policy on putting charter schools in Pulaski County that run counter to the state-agreed court order on desegregation.)