Shelby Brewer, a UCA graduate, calls my attention to her Facebook post on news that the University of Central Arkansas is paying $11,000 for an automated service that students can use for a wakeup call.

Couldn’t that money be spent on something more useful and productive … say for scholarships for needy students, or well-deserved raises for the faculty? After living in the dorm for 5 years, I’m thinking that $11,000 could have been used to make the cafeteria food a bit more edible. (There really was “mystery meat” in the hot plate line at UCA by the way. Believe me, I tried it.)

I guess what really baffles me about this service is that UCA is “coddling” its students by providing this service.

Isn’t college all about growing up and becoming a responsible adult? Most responsible adults I know are smart enough to operate that ancient device known as an “alarm clock.”

UCA’s Jeff Pitchford comments: