Radio show callers this morning had a few gripes — in between moans about the Hogs’ loss to Alabama — about the intense State Police freeway patrols along the I-540 freeway between Alma and Fayetteville Saturday as hordes streamed north to be part of the record crowd at Razorback Stadium. CORRECTION: The troopers were on I-40 in Faulkner County, about three miles west of Conway.

One caller complained of a trooper holding a sign that said “Too Late,” presumably after a car had sped past a radar setup. Anybody have any firsthand reports? I have a call into State Police about the enforcement effort.


UPDATE: A State Police spokesman said troopers turned out for a speed enforcement detail near Conway on Interstate 40 between 8 and 10:30 a.m. Saturday. There were 45 speeding citations issued — one for a driver timed going 101 mph. 27 warnings were issued. Capt. Keith Eremea was standing roadside with a sign saying “Too Late.” His presence and the sign served to obscure the speed detection equipment.