Speaking of worthy topics for the robust Republican minority in the Arkansas legislature:

John Brummett urges something
today I’ve urged on the Republican Party for years — become the vanguard for tougher public ethics legislation.

Crack down harder on lobbyist-work-arounds of wining and dining rules. Better yet, end lobby gifting of legislators of anything more than a cup of coffee (plain, no triple mocha with whipped cream).


And, hey, let’s go after legislative expense excesses. Oops, that might hit some Republicans (i.e. Mark Martin, the new secretary of state) a little close to home.

Let’s require disclosure, too, of contributors to independent expenditure committees that have been used to hammer legislative candidates. Oops, I guess the Repubs probably won’t want to go there either, having benefitted from same.


Let’s end multiple contributions from essentially the same person under different corporate identities as a way around contribution limits. Oops …

There are many areas of government where more transparency would be useful, even if Republicans aren’t willing to set stiffer limits on spending. It will be interesting to see if they really adopt the mantle of change or just decide they like the old way fine now that they are more in demand for lobbyist drinkfests.


Hey, maybe DEMOCRATS could try this and see if the Republicans get in the way. I won’t hold my breath.