Here’s an idea I hope the newly robust Republican membership of the Arkansas legislature’s Public Health committees won’t adopt, but I think some of them might be inclined:

Texas Republicans are talking about dropping out of Medicaid, the federally subsidized health coverage program for the poor. Rather than go along with expansion of the program, Texas would just quit it. This gives a whole new meaning to draconian. (One proposal would keep Medicaid nursing home coverage; the nursing home lobby is stout and it’s less palatable to cut off granny than it is to cut off a sick momma and her sick kids particularly since we all know they’re just a bunch of undeserving minorities — that last part is not true, but don’t confuse me with facts.)


I suspect this won’t happen because of the economic ripple effect. Lot of docs and hospital administrators and private administrative agency directors buy their Mercedes with Medicaid earnings. We couldn’t have them suffer a reduction in quality of life.