Former Arkansas first lady Janet Huckabee paid a $100 fee in Pulaski County District Court yesterday and received a “reserve judgment” ruling from Judge Wayne Gruber, with an agreement that charges of careless and prohibited driving against her would be dismissed if Huckabee doesn’t get into any more vehicular trouble for six months. The charges stem from a Sept. 20, 2010 accident near the Roosevelt Road exit off I-30 in Little Rock in which State Trooper John Blackmon found that Huckabee merged into the lane of another car and caused a three-vehicle accident. Witnesses said Huckabee was talking on the cell phone at the time, a fact she hotly denied.


When she was presented with the ticket and learned she would be liable for the damages to all the cars involved, Huckabee tried mightily to talk her way out of it, asserting that another driver actually merged into her. Here’s the Arkansas State Police dashcam video of Huckabee arguing her case with Blackmon.