David Meeks, Arkansas Legislature, health care

  • Brian Chilson
  • MEEKS: Speaking for his bill in front of the committee

12-7: Meeks looks on as the bill fails


HB 1053, a bill that would “prevent involuntary enrollments in health care insurance programs” – basically saying Arkansas citizens don’t have to abide by the individual mandate in the federal health care reform package passed last year – failed in committee this morning by a vote of 7-12. A spokesperson for the Arkansas Attorney General’s office said the bill’s passage would “virtually assure that the state would be sued.” Other spoke in favor of the bill including former Rep. Dan Greenberg and a Tea Party activist from Garland County.

I’ve been following the debate through Twitter, and it’s amazing what kind of picture you can put together from reading everyone’s Tweets. Be sure to check out @johnlyon09, @kellymacneil, @dgoins, @AACF, @RobyBrock, @FamilyCouncil, @LT, @JessicaDean, @lobbyup, @g, @TolbertReport.


Roby Brock has a wrap-up, complete with the roll call vote.