Jot ’em down here.

But, first, a shameless commercial interlude:


* It might be helpful to consumers to know that our Half Off Depot store of good-deal gift certificates is restocked every Monday. So click it often. Something that sold out the previous week, might be available again. Such as, $50 worth of groceries for $25 at Argenta Market (29 currently available). And we sometimes add new merchants. A great bbq joint is coming to add to existing restaurants, hotel, golf course, symphony and more.

* Time is running out to sign up for the Arkansas Times‘ bus trip to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Bus, beer, sparkling company, hotel, tickets and a great lineup of musicians from rock giants to blues to R&B to gospel to Louisiana roots.


* LATE NEWS: The attorney general has rejected the proposed form of Sheffield Nelson’s initiative to raise the gas severance tax to pay for highway construction. The office’s opinion said some ambiguities in the text need to be resolved related to distribution of the money. It looks fairly technical and fixable.