The New York Times today rounded up some of the angry reaction Republican congressmen are getting to their vote to end Medicare while cutting taxes for the rich.

Maybe there’s more outrage nationally than I’ve detected in Arkansas over, say Rep. Tim Griffin’s vote, as I wrote in a column this week.


I note with interest the Times’ strenuous effort to put protests at congressmen’s town halls down to organized efforts of “liberal” groups. I hope so. Still, I don’t recall a routine effort to identify the Koch boys’ financing and organizational heft in every tear-soaked Tea Party demonstration of the summer of rage (the Kochs’ expensive undertaking lives on in Arkansas legislative lobbying as well as nationally in counter-demonstrations for the Medicare-ending congressmen). I hope the liberals will get the word out when Congressman Timmy goes public again with his preference for millionaire tax cuts over Head Start, the Weather Service, environmental protection, safe airport operation, Medicare, Medicaid and more.