It can’t be repeated enough: Republicans are increasingly giving full and unembarrassed voice to their belief that the American majority favors ripping the social safety net asunder if preserving it means a tax on rich people.

John Brummett picks up the theme today.


On the national level:

Let us not ignore the utter clarity in what Cantor and the prevailing Republican contingent are saying. It is that they will let our nation default on its debt, and that they will reduce services to their countrymen in need, before they will go along with higher tax bills on rich people’s luxury jets or on the profits of General Electric or the oil companies.

On the state level:


The Republicans’ leader in the state House of Representatives, young John Burris of Harrison, went so far the other day as to say we shouldn’t keep paying so many medical bills for so many people on Medicaid.

Presumably his premise is that poor people and disabled people will get richer or be healed if only we would cut everybody’s taxes.

Well, that’s the generous spin.

These are truths. The potentially ugliest truth of all — that voters agree — lies ahead in 2012.