TEACHERS ARE PEOPLE TOO: From "American Teacher."

TEACHERS ARE PEOPLE TOO: From American Teacher.

  • TEACHERS ARE PEOPLE TOO: From “American Teacher.”

The Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce is joining hands with a Walton-financed lobbyist to screen the pro-charter school propaganda film “Waiting for Superman” at a session Oct. 25 at Philander Smith. It’s all part of the drive to declare the Little Rock School District a failure and leave it a wreckage with state money and students moving to charter schools and, eventually, voucher programs.


Free copies of “Waiting for Superman” will be distributed. Maybe they should check in with Microsoft, which is also distributing free copies of “American Teacher,” a new film on another part of the school equation. Teachers aren’t all clock-punching deadwood, as “Superman” wants you to think, at least insofar as evil union member teachers are concerned. They are, as this review notes, mostly passionate, hard-working and underpaid.

Another good candidate for distribution at the taxpayer-subsidized Chamber’s LRSD beat-down would be the documentary “The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman.” Don’t hold your breath.