Yahoo has joined a growing list of major corporations, including Apple, that have dropped membership in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

More than fifty local Chamber of Commerce’s have quit the U.S. Chamber, citing their extreme and draconian positions on climate change, Wall Street and health care reform. In addition, nearly a dozen major corporations have abandoned or disavowed the U.S. Chamber for their radical positions and pay-to-play model.

The Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce could, for once, demonstrate a smidgen of moderation by dropping its membership. But that’s not likely to happen. The LR Chamber’s CEO, Jay Chessir, is a muckety muck with the U.S. Chamber. He’s a member of its Committee of 100 along with other Arkies such as Randy Zook of the Arkansas State Chamber. They LIKE what the U.S. Chamber stands for, corporate profit uber alles. Apple and Yahoo, apparently don’t share the mindset. Some think Apple has been a pretty fair job creator, BTW.