Good for the Democrat-Gazette, which got some comment today from State Treasurer Martha Shoffner about her campaign finance reports. Mistakes were made — many times. As I’d mentioned previously, campaign finances were another subject — along with suggestions of favoritism in state investment business — that Shoffner has refused to return my calls about.

Details aren’t necessary. It’s simple. The state treasurer, responsible for handling billions in state money, was unable to accurately report income and expense on a campaign account of less than $100,000. She’s now amended reports, but has offered no coherent explanation for how things got so screwed up. Confidence inspiring? No.


I still would like to ask her how she spent $900 a month for a lease on a car for her commuting use, even if such a use is a legal use of carryover campaign money. I’m told she drives an old Ford van. She’s not much of a money manager if she can’t do better than that on $900 a month. I would have asked her for a copy of the checks to the Newport car lot owner for starters.