It’s open. Some final words:

* HONOR OUR VETERANS: Here again is that link to a petition drive asking Little Rock city government to stop playing games with veterans by attempting to block relocation of a veterans service center to an expanded location on Main Street. The Central Arkansas VA is holding open houses Feb. 12-18 at its various center in the area to give local folks a chance to visit and show vets they care. Local elected officials are invited. Mayor Stodola, and Rep. Tim Griffin — or anyone else — can arrange a time by calling the Voluntary Service office at 501-257-6986 to schedule your visit at the Little Rock facility or 501-257-3288 for the North Little Rock facility.


* SUSAN G. KOMEN FOR THE BLUNDER: Poll shows majority disagreement and serious damage to the Komen foundation’s image from its decision to stop providing money for breast cancer screening done by Planned Parenthood.

* DAMIEN ECHOLS’ FREEDOM: An extensive interview with the West Memphis Three figure covers his coming memoir, the current promotional tour for the film “West of Memphis,” and the amazing changes in the world after he went to prison in 1993 — universal tiny cell phones! the Internet!


* DUGGARS FIGURE IN EXTORTION PLOT: Strange tale of Iowa woman who tried to get the Duggars’ reality show canceled. She’s been arrested.