PUSH DELAYED: Jasons Rapert and supporters of debt amendment at announcement news conference.

  • PUSH DELAYED: Jason Rapert at announcement of amendment plan.

Sen. Sue Madison messages me that Sen. Jason Rapert is pulling his resolution enlisting Arkansas in a drive to call a constitutional convention at which sponsors would propose a constitutional amendment to require approval of a majority of state legislatures to raise the federal debt ceiling.


As a result, Madison has canceled a Senate State Agencies Committee hearing on the resolution that had been scheduled after adjournment Monday.

I don’t know at this point if this is a temporary retreat or signals an end to Rapert’s effort to get the measure approved during the fiscal session, when introduction of non-budget items requires a two-thirds vote. I’ve sent a message to him seeking elaboration. I’ll let you know if he responds, but he’s gotten a might tetchy towards me.


I haven’t been warm toward the idea of turning control of the federal purse over to state legislatures.

UPDATE: Sen. Madison provides Rapert’s e-mail on his request. It said, in relevant part:


Per our phone conversation earlier, I will be pulling SJR1 from further consideration. In talking with members on your State Agencies committee, it is evident that the resolution does not have enough votes to pass the committee. I will be making a motion to pull the bill and have it sent to interim study tomorrow. As discussed, unless you have other business, your committee would have no other reason to meet upon adjournment.

I would like to also thank you personally for making a decision to convene your committee to hear this resolution in the first place. It is an honor to serve with you and all of our Senate colleagues and I appreciate your attention to this matter over the past few days.