ADMIRE IT: Because you cant use it until next month.

  • ADMIRE IT: Because you can’t use it until next month.

Updates on two items I mentioned earlier:


* FELON CANDIDATE: I mentioned earlier that the Democratic Party had rejected the filing of Fred Smith, a convicted felon, to run for state representative. I also mentioned that the Democratic Party believed the secretary of state was misreading the statutes — which give the party sole responsibility over certifying its own candidates — and was insisting on putting Smith on the ballot. Mark Martin’s office originally denied that. But that’s what they’re now saying. They believe if somebody files, they must be put on the ballot, no matter what the party they filed to run with says. Martin contends only Smith can withdraw his candidacy. I think they’re wrong. But, thanks to Mark Martin, a felon is, for the moment, headed to the ballot and the state and sundry others will be out a lot of money to produce the ultimate outcome: Smith can’t run.

* THE DUMPSTER DEBACLE: I mentioned earlier that Little Rock residents seemed confused by this week’s mass rollout of the new green recycling dumpsters that will give us fewer pickups for more money and another humongo dumper to wrangle out of tight spaces. (We will get single-stream recycling; but good luck for the weak among you if you can’t cut up your cardboard boxes into suitably petite pieces for the discerning drivers of Waste Management.)


Yes, there was a letter and a news conference, but no particulars came with the dumpster itself on when pickups begin (April 2, for the most part, though that could vary to as late as April 9 depending on where you fall in the schedule.)

Somehow, this confusion reached Mayor Stodola. He didn’t have time to tell the public today not to waste time coming to the city board meeting tonight to talk about his effort to throw the vets into the boondocks (issue postponed), but he did have time to write this letter on recycling, which points out ever so politely how obtuse you were for not seeing the city’s earlier mail on the subject: