NO FOI SUIT: Sheffield Nelson

  • NO FOI SUIT: Sheffield Nelson

I’ve written this week about the release of a Game and Fish Commission survey of employee morale (low).


Much of the discussion since has been whether all information gathered in that survey should be released under the state Freedom of Information Act, particularly names of employees, which were redacted in the summary by the private firm that did the survey. Employees had been promised anonymity.

Former Game and Fish Commission member Sheffield Nelson’s law firm, through attorney Don Eilbott, today has written a letter to Game and Fish and its private attorney making it clear that they DO NOT want the names of employees released as a result of their FOI request on the issue, though they think the names of commissioners mentioned in employee comments SHOULD be released under the FOI. Mark Duda, who heads the survey firm, had also redacted commissioner names, though, based on my conversations with various people yesterday, there might be an evolving legal opinion that they are not “employees” under terms of the Freedom of Information Act and thus should not be protected.


Here’s Eilbott’s letter. It says in part: