Former Lt. Gov. Bill Halter is taking to the airways in support of Democratic legislative candidate David Kizzia of Malvern, who’s opposing incumbent Republican Loy Mauch, who’s finally getting international intention he deserves for his neo-Confederate views. He’s written that Jesus condoned slavery and that Abraham Lincoln was a Nazi and Marxist.


Halter’s ad, paid for by the Kizzia campaign, says he was “saddened and angered” by Mauch’s comments, which he said make it harder for Arkansas to recruit business, a criticism Gov. Mike Beebe also voiced this morning relative to Rep. Jon Hubbard, who also has spoken of the positive side of slavery.

“Please don’t elect someone who is hurting Arkansas’s image,” Halter asks, before endorsing Kizzia as a better choice, a lawyer who supports education.


BAD FOR BUSINESS: Thats Bill Halters assessment of Rep. Loy Mauch.

  • BAD FOR BUSINESS: That’s Bill Halter’s assessment of Rep. Loy Mauch.

UPDATE: Halter has also taped a similar ad for Rep. James McLean of Batesville, a Democrat, who’s in a contest with Republican Charlie Fuqua, whose own strange writings have included a belief in the death penalty for rebellious children and parents who don’t pay child support.


You can find a link to both ads on the jump.