*FELLOW TRAVELERS: After “keeping Boston indie since 1966,” the Boston Phoenix announced yesterday that it will cease publication. Obviously, this kind of thing hits home for us. Lindsey may have more later but for now I can’t think of anything more fitting than a heartfelt re-tweet:


*EVOLVE: Republican Ohio Gov. Rob Portman now supports gay marriage. His decision was motivated by his son coming out as gay. There is a lot one might say about this sudden public reversal — but this morning, how about we simply welcome Portman to the right side of this issue?

*RECAP: Lots worth checking out that got posted later in the day yesterday on the blog. Main one to highlight is Lindsey’s outstanding post on Voter I.D. Read it. Sad part to me remains that none of the proponents — even if their reasons for supporting it are pure — really acknowledged the history. Thought it would have shown real strength and kindness. “Let me first say that I understand…” Wouldn’t have been hard. If Rep. Darrin Williams thought of his mother, I couldn’t help but think of my grandparents. They are decent people and I love them. They lived in an ugly time, not so long ago. It struck me that Rep. Ann Clemmer, who took such offense that anyone might impugn her motives, could so easily impugn the motives of Reps. Williams and Walker. We all have our personal histories, our personal reasons. Perhaps some take offense at the first mention of race because they imagine that could only be a reference to snarling, evil racists with a hood. In truth, most of us have good intentions most of the time. In this nation’s recent past, good intent and decent people were not enough. Rep. Clemmer might consider how such memories might live, how such a past may not be past.


In lighter fare, see also notes from the Speaker, another tech park idea, and Grover Norquist telling Republicans that they’re severed rat heads if they vote for a tax increase but making sure that Arkansas Republicans know that there is a tax increase they can vote for without becoming rodent remains. Plus on the Medicaid debate, the “private option” is still a hard sell to the conservative wing of the General Assembly and a rebuttal to Republican suggestions that it won’t cost the feds more.

Oh, and that rumbling sound in the comments of a bunch of posts yesterday? The Arkansas Blog’s fearless leader surfacing in anticipation of return. He’ll be back this weekend. Nate Bell was totally right about at least three issues while he was away! Republicans are advocating more government spending to offer healthcare coverage to the poor! Strange times….But also, of course, lots of needed shouting. We need his voice.