BOY SCOUTS UNWELCOME: At First Baptist of Gravel Ridge.

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  • BOY SCOUTS UNWELCOME: At First Baptist of Gravel Ridge.

There’ll be many more of these, no doubt.


But hat tip to the First Baptist Church of Gravel Ridge for being first in the race to local news media to trumpet their forsaking of Boy Scout troop sponsorship because of the national organization’s decision to allow gay members.

The Bible does say discriminate against gay children, doesn’t it? Well, not exactly, but Senior Pastor Tim Reed explained for Fox 16:


“Scripture makes it clear that homosexuality is a sin,” Reed said. “God’s word explicitly says homosexuality is a choice, a sin, it’s not something you’re born with. It’s just like choosing to be a bully. I can choose to be a bully or not.”

…”It’s not a hate thing here, it’s a moral stance we must take as a Southern Baptist Church,” he said. “Anyone is welcome here. We have homosexuals who attend here who are either struggling with it or have asked to be forgiven. But anyone is welcome, and that’s what we told the troop members.”

I’d appreciate it if the good pastor could send me a citation on sexual identity or, better still, on Jesus’ teaching on the subject. I do recall Him talking about children. (Matthew 19:14.)

In the meanwhile came a silver lining in the form of Eagle Scout Sean Cass, who lamented the disruption for kids who just want to go camping and who had a generally more open view of life among 12-year-olds:


Cass wants to see the Boy Scouts troop continue as is, and he believes any child, regardless of sexual orientation, should have a chance to learn about nature and leadership as he did.

“This is for the boys. This isn’t for the adults,” he said. “We’re not a political organization. We’re a group of guys that go camping and hiking, and I believe every boy should have that opportunity if he wants it.”

Kind. That word appears in the Scout law.