We’re over the hump. Whatcha got?

*RAPERT’S OUT, WHO’S IN? So after prayerful consideration, Rapert’s not running for lieutenant governor. Who might? Speaking of prayerful consideration, Sen. Missy Irvin is rumored to be interested. And maybe Rep. Charlie Collins? On Twitter, Rep. John Baine writes that “several R’s & D’s looking, a lot of candidates don’t want to announce right now.”


*MISSISSIPPI “PRIVATE OPTION”? Some Democratic legislators in Mississippi are proposing an Arkansas-style premium assistance plan as a possible Medicaid expansion compromise, but sounds like Republicans aren’t biting.

*CELL PHONES AND THE FOURTH AMENDMENT: Good post from Benji Hardy over the the Legislative Digest blog on Rep. Nate Steel‘s unsuccessful legislation that would have required cops to get a warrant before using cellphone data to determine someone’s whereabouts. A similar bill looks likely to pass in Maine.


*WAR ON MARIJUANA: We mentioned yesterday the ACLU’s findings on the racist enforcement of marijuana laws in the U.S. Of course the impacts of the nation’s pointless drug war aren’t only felt within our borders, and leaders from Latin American countries called for a change at the Organization of American States’ General Assembly.