I shared yesterday an approving e-mail sent around by Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce boss Jay Chesshir cheering the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s attack on Social Security and Medicare, vital programs that it likes to refer to sneeringly as “entitlements,” as opposed to payroll tax-supported insurance programs.

My point was that the lobbying illustrates the kind of anti-worker agenda the city of Little Rock supports when it hands out an unconstitutional and unaccountable annual $200,000 taxpayer subsidy to the chamber every year.


The grassroots Arkansas Community Organizations took note and wrote a letter to Chesshir’s traveling buddy, Mayor Mark Stodola expressing alarm at the agenda backed by the city’s most influential lobby. It calls for an end to “taxpayer dollars going to an organization that actively lobbies for policy positions that could have dire consequences for working families in our city.” It notes, too, the chamber’s work for preferable tax treatment for corporations, including for overseas investments.

The City of Little Rock’s annual funding to the Chamber would seem to put the City on record as supporting cuts in the Cost of Living Adjustment for Social Security. It puts city government on record as supporting overseas tax havens for large corporations and cuts to needed programs for our children and our seniors.

True, that.


The full letter follows;