IMPERATIVES: Dr. Dexter Suggs enumerates.

  • ‘IMPERATIVES’: Dr. Dexter Suggs enumerates.

One more item related to Dr. Dexter Suggs, the new Little Rock school superintendent.


The School District’s public relations office distributed the following about a district meeting Monday that articulates his broader ideas about the school. Good words. Followthrough is the only measure of success.

Dr. Suggs Unveils Cultural Imperatives
to Teachers and Staff

Little Rock School District Superintendent Dr. Dexter Suggs will hold a day-long convocation event on Monday, August 12, 2013, in order to introduce his ten cultural imperatives and outline his expectations for a successful year – where we put children first – to teachers and support staff.

Little Rock School District
Cultural Imperatives

1. Children come first!
2. All employees are accountable for student achievement that meets or exceeds state standards.
3. All employees will demonstrate professionalism and integrity.
4. Student success is the only option.
5. Potential is discovered and nurtured.
6. An academically rigorous environment is evident in all classrooms.
7. Communication is clear, open, and timely.
8. Students, parents, families, and community members are essential partners.
9. Diversity is valued as demonstrated by culturally competent practices.
10. Facilities are safe, clean, secure, and inviting.

The NEW Little Rock School District
Where WE Put Children First

Convocation Schedule
Monday, August 12, 2013
8:00 am Elementary Teachers
9:30 am Middle School Teachers
11:00 am High School Teachers
1:30 pm Support Staff-All Schools
3:00 pm Support Staff-Central Office

UPDATE: A photo sent by a friend shows that Dr. Suggs brought the new imperatives with him from his previous job.