You’d think the election was next week, not 15 months from now. The press releases are pouring in.

* NATIONAL REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE: Sen. Mark Pryor is in trouble. Republican polling puts Tom Cotton up 44-42 and other indicators suggest problems for the incumbent.


* MARK PRYOR: 1) Tom Cotton voted against money for air service to small Arkansas communities. 2) Tom Cotton has an abysmal record on remarks and votes on women.

* TOM COTTON: Thanks to Mark Pryor, Arkansas is on its way to a single-payer health insurance system. (If only that had even a scintilla of truth in it.)


* ARKANSAS DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Rep. Tim Griffin has done nothing about jobs in do-nothing Congress; has voted numerous times against pipeline safety legislation.


* DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSIONAL CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE: Seniors are souring on the Republican Party, polling shows.

And there’s more. Don’t miss the thread below on Secretary of State Mark Martin, who has been spending money illegally on Republican lawyers, a judge ruled today.