Democrats don’t compromise? The chart above gives the answer graphically. Wonkblog explains:

One thing that’s gotten lost in the debate over the shutdown is how much Democrats have already conceded to Republicans on spending. This is partly the consequence of the direct spending cuts in the 2011 debt-ceiling deal and partly the consequence of sequestration (which was, of course, also part of the 2011 deal). Still, the bottom line is that Republicans have been so successful at making Obamacare concessions the issue that Democratic concessions on spending have gone almost unnoticed.

Again. To Republicans, compromise means: 1) We get everything we want; 2) You shut up.


The bodacious liar Too Extreme Tom Cotton kept at it today with this amazingly dishonest statement:

Regrettably, the government has shut down because of the stubborn, party-line votes of the Senate Democrats. The House Republicans have acted reasonably and responsibly to act on simple principles: the government should be funded and the American people should get relief from Obamacare.

We have repeatedly made reasonable and responsible compromises. We couldn’t repeal Obamacare, so we offered to defund it. We offered to delay it for one year when the President has delayed so many parts of it himself. Yet the Senate rejected every one of those compromises.

And now, we have simply said if Obamacare is such an amazing success story then Members of Congress and Senators and their staffers should live under the laws they impose on the American people. But that’s not enough for Senate Democrats. They would rather keep their special exemption from Obamacare then keep the government open.

So when I am asked when the government will reopen, the answer is very simple; when the United States Senate puts national interests ahead of their personal, financial interests.”

It begins with a simple, undemocratic principle: Congress should not fund a law of the United States that one branch of Congress doesn’t like. It rolls downhill from there.


But sure. Take away insurance from members of Congress who oppose Obamacare. That seems only fair