From CNN:

There appears to be enough votes in the House to approve legislation to reopen the federal government, according to a CNN survey of House members, but this doesn’t mean a vote will happen soon, because Republicans have not indicated a willingness to try to force Speaker John Boehner to bring a continuing resolution to the floor for a vote.

All 200 Democrats and 17 Republicans support passing a continuing resolution with no strings attached that would reopen the government, which has been partially closed in a bitter dispute between Republicans and Democrats. The number 217 is significant in that it is the minimum needed for the measure to win approval in the House.

CNN’s survey appears to bear out what President Obama said Monday.

“The truth of the matter is, there are enough Republican and Democratic votes in the House of Representatives right now to end this shutdown immediately with no partisan strings attached,” Obama said.

Yes, but ….


One earlier count I saw included Tiny Tim “Pipeline” Griffin. He signed the government shutdown ultimatum letter, voted for it and since has set all kinds of pre-conditions on voting to open government. Only under his terms, in other words. Which isn’t a clean vote.

UPDATE: The Fix at the Washington Post lists Griffin among those who’d vote for “clean” resolution. I’ll believe that when I see it.


A reader notes that Boehner has scheduled some four dozen votes to defund Obamacare. Don’t you think he could squeeze in one vote for continuing government?