TWENTY ONE: Moves from LR to new restaurant in NLR Wyndham.

Rocket 21, Frank Fletchers’ Kavanaugh Boulevard restaurant (formerly Ferneau) named for one of his race horses, has closed. A banner hanging on the premises this morning says the restaurant has moved to the Wyndham in North Little Rock, another Fletcher property.

Twenty One Restaurant already has a new website up. About the move:


Friends and loyal customers of Rocket Twenty One I wanted to inform you personally of the moves we are making with our restaurant. We have built a brand new building in front of Benihana and this will be the new home FOR ROCKET 21 about January 10th. This new location will have all the famous pieces of the Blue Dog Art and of course will have the same FAMOUS ROCKET 21 MENU with the SAME CHEFS preparing the great food. 

The website also indicates unspecified plans in the work for the Kavanaugh location.

Now to your big question. WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN TO THAT BEAUTIFUL BAR AND PREVIOUS ROCKET TWENTY ONE LOCATION. WE HAVE A NEW CONCEPT AND EXCITING NEW BUSINESS WE CAN’T TELL YOU ABOUT YET. There is nothing like it in the community and we will gladly announce our new plans as soon as we can get our NEW NAME REGISTERED and all the details finalized. LOOK FOR DETAILS ABOUT FEBRUARY 1ST AND I WILL LET YOU KNOW AS SOON AS I CAN. 

Gift cards at the old restaurant will be honored at the new restaurant, the Riverfrtont Steakhouse and Benihana in the Wyndham.


I guess plans for a new joint there mean it can’t be in the running for a midtown location for a Local Lime outpost.