The line is open. If you haven’t heard, there’s mention of freezing rain in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday, though the specifics depending on location remain fluid.

* OBAMCARE TALLY: David Ramsey passes along Arkansas numbers on enrollment in the state’s private option version of Medicaid expansion — 117,000 applications; 89,000 deemed eligible so far. But hang on guys. If Tom Cotton has his way he’ll take all that Obamacare away.


* FIRE DEATH: Channel 4 is reporting death in a fire at an apartment on Fair Park Boulevard.

* EMERGENCY LANDING: Channel 4 has also tweeted that an American Airlines flight made an emergency landing in Little Rock because of a broken water line on board.


* UA HEARING ADDENDA: The legislative hearing on the UA stretched on interminably. Questioning was repetitive and not particularly revealing of any new perspectives on the matter. One observer noted that, in contrast to Gearhart’s newfound humility and contrition, Brad Choate seemed unable to admit any error on his own part. It WAS his division after all running at a deficit.

An observer sent me this note:


There was a five-minute break during which Gearhart, Schook, and Pederson huddled up with fellow well-dressed persons and seemed in good spirits. Much of what Choate and (especially) Diamond said painted top UA officials in an ugly light, but little if any of it can be substantiated as unethical or illegal.

One man in the group of UA officials said to Gearhart and Schook, “after they finish asking all these questions, what are they going to do? I mean, what can they do?”

“Nothing,” someone else replied, “they have no authority.”

That says a lot about the UA attitude, I think. It is forgetful, of course, of the legislature’s power of the purse.