HE STARTED IT: Blogger Matt Campbell, whose digging put Mark Darr on the hot seat, has deconstructed Darr's statement that he won't quit. He tears it apart, piece by piece.

Democratic Party Chair Vince Insalaco has responded to Lt. Gov. Mark Darr’s announcement that he won’t resign because of multiple law violations in misuse of office and campaign money.

“Lieutenant Governor Mark Darr’s insistence that he meant no wrong does not erase the fact that he broke 11 ethics violations and illegally spent campaign and taxpayer money. And anyone who has called for him to resign and repair the public’s trust is simply upholding transparency and ethics in our government and standing up for the taxpayers of Arkansas. Calls for a resignation have come from Republicans and Democrats alike because we are Arkansans first who care about our state’s tax dollars.”

“The fact is that Mark Darr can no longer honorably serve as the second-highest ranking official of our state. If a person commits a crime, an excuse of ‘I didn’t know’ wouldn’t pass muster with a judge. Darr has lost the public’s trust entirely and must resign.”

“Asa Hutchinson has refused to call on Mark Darr to resign immediately despite Mark Darr’s own admission of illegally spending campaign and taxpayer dollars. Hutchinson’s reason for not calling on Darr to resign is a DC politician’s excuse. Arkansans are right to expect that their elected officials be held to the highest standards of ethical conduct. It’s troubling that Asa Hutchinson is comfortable allowing Mark Darr to continue serving as Arkansas’s Lt. Governor.”

UPDATE: Blue Hog Report, who, with a bit of help, caused Mark Darr’s problems, has responded to his self-serving, blame others, won’t resign statement.

He points out Darr’s straw men, factual errors and irrelevancies and punctures his notion that somebody shouldda told him he was breaking the law earlier. He says, and demonstrates, how Darr has lied in some of the explanations for his illegal reimbursements. He almost certainly lied, too, in claiming he was entitled to use the State Police for all his commuting, but didn’t. The statute requires the agency to provide security for Darr, but it’s an agency decision whether security concerns require detailing a trooper to drive him back and forth from his home in Springdale to the Capitol, even on the rare occasion he might have an official duty to perform. He misstated the facts on Lt. Gov. Bill Halter’s use of his own car. To Darr’s assertion that it would be best for the state if he not resign, Matt Campbell (Blue Hog) wrote:


I disagree. I believe that the impeachment of a constitutional officer who violated specific, clearly defined rules regarding campaign and state funds might serve as a deterrent for future officers who consider doing the same, and I hope that it might spur the legislature to propose and amendment to abolish the pointless Lt. Gov. office altogether.