HUMBLED: Chancellor David Gearhart. Brian Chilson

Rather  than stack too much stuff on a single thread, I’m going to start a new one on the legislative discussion today on the  UA Advancement financial mess.

I do recommend, if you’re a student of it, to go back to the earlier thread for John Diamond’s 18-page statement on what he describes as Chancellor David Gearhart’s angry resistance to FOI requests and repeat interview requests from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. It’s important context for this note of update from Benji Hardy:


Joy Sharp gave a brief statement, then Gearhart. Now questions from the committee are starting.

The most remarkable thing so far is the 180-degree shift in Gearhart’s comportment. When Gearhart testified before Joint Audit back in September, he was aggressive, overconfident, and contemptuous of critical questions asked by legislators. He called John Diamond a liar and was nearly shaking with rage at points. Today, he and the other two UA officials are radiating contrition. He said the entire thing has been a “humbling experience” and has thus far responded to the allegations leveled by Choate and Diamond with mild, brief denials and restatements of his position. Meek as a lamb…

Maybe Gearhart reads the Arkansas Blog as well as other news outlets.