As we watch the skies for sleet, I open the line. Final words:

* COMING SOON: A report from Leslie Newell Peacock on the Little Rock Technology Park Authority. Remember them? They’re haggling on who to hire as a property manager for the sites they’ll be seeking downtown to start up the enterprise. UPDATE: Off to bad start. Chair Mary Good arrived late and remonstrated Mayor Stodola for City Hall’s accessibility (lack of).


* SUIT FILED OVER DEFAULT ON STATE RETIREMENT SYSTEM DEAL:  Attorney General Dustin McDaniel has sued a Massachusetts real estate company for failing to complete payments on its agreement to purchase the Arkansas Public Employees Retirement System’s $110 million share of a timber fund. It has failed to pay more than $14 million of the promised price. Full details here.

(Have I mentioned that the talk of pushing more of the state treasurer’s highly liquid state deposits into supposedly higher-yielding (riskier) investments makes me nervous as hell?)


* VROOM VROOM: Bobby Petrino is apparently going back to Louisville as head football coach.

* MLK STREET NIXED IN JONESBORO: KAIT-8 reports via Twitter that a proposal to change Church Street in Jonesboro to honor Martin Luther King Jr. has failed to win sufficient votes. (I gotta ask because I don’t know. Does the Chris Rock take on malls and MLK streets apply in this case?)


* LIFE AND DEATH SITUATION IN TEXAS — AND MAYBE IN ARKANSAS, TOO, SOMEDAY: Pro-Choice America has begun a petition campaign in behalf of the Texas family barred by Texas law from taking a brain dead woman off life supports, as was her expressed wish should she be in such straits, because she is pregnant, though weeks before fetal viability. 

End of life care is one of the biggest issues — maybe the biggest — that came to my mind on reading of St. Vincent Health System’s plan to take control of the  health insurance company QualChoice. Will Catholic Bishop Anthony Taylor take steps to be sure a Catholic-owned insurance company doesn’t cover services  at odds with church teaching? He stopped a hospital sale in Hot Springs over such issues. Birth control pills. Abortion, even in dire health situations.. Tubal ligations. Vasectomies, Do-not-resuscitate orders. Life supports.

It is one thing to respect the beliefs of others. It is another to be an employee of a company that doesn’t give you the health insurance option of birth control pill coverage or the comfort you may choose to die with dignity when the time comes or to allow your medically dead spouse to die because she’s pregnant, however early in the process.

Thanks to Red State Blue Woman Facebook page for guiding me to image below.