The Natural State Report blog shares an e-mail sent by Chad Niell, who finished last in the Republican primary for the special state Senate election in Jonesboro that will be decided tomorrow.

Niell is critical of Republican nominee John Cooper for a “divisive and negative” attitude. Niell doesn’t endorse Democrat Steve Rockwell, but he said Rockwell, unlike Cooper, had extended a hand to him and Dan Sullivan, the other defeated candidate, following the primary. He said Cooper had not sought the support of either Republican candidate.


Said Niell:

John Cooper cannot get along with members of his own political party, even saying “To hell with the Republican Party I don’t care what they think, I have the Tea party backing me. “ How can we expect a person with his divisiveness and negative attitude to do anything positive for our district?

Niell got about 900 votes of 3,250 cast in the first Republican primary. In a close race, they could be useful. Cooper is an extremist Republican, who numbers the likes of former Rep. Jon Hubbard and black helicopter squadron commander Debbie Pelley among his supporters. He’s vowed to oppose continuation of the public option version of Obamacare, a reversal that local hospitals have said would be devastating to them financially.


On Obamacare, Niell remarked:

Like it or not, and I certainly don’t, Obama care is the law, our U.S congress can’t stop it and I assure you a lowly state senator will have no authority to do a thing about it either. The Private Option has passed by Republican support, the hospitals are taking the money and 90,000 people are already signed up.

John Cooper has provided no vision for anything different or anything positive for our District but is against everything!