Lt. Gov. Mark Darr issued a brief prepared statement today relative to questions related to whether his resignation would be official if he resigned, as he’d said earlier, “to the people,” rather than in a formal manner to the governor or in some other fashion. It said:

“Lieutenant Governor Darr will comply with all formal protocols concerning his departure from office by February 1, 2014.”

That should resolve the question of his resignation. But it leaves many questions to come about how quickly Gov. Mike Beebe will declare a vacancy in the office and whether legislative support exists at the fiscal session beginning Feb. 10 to add a special item to the agenda to prevent the need for a special election this year to fill the office before a new lieutenant governor takes over in 2015. Republicans generally don’t want a special election. Some Democrats are in agreement. Some Democrats want a special election.


Some weirdos think as long as there’s a law it should be followed.