Little Rock police have identified Jermaine Humphrey, 24, as the man found shot to death about 8:20 p.m. last night in the 3000 block of Cross Street. A suspect in the shooting has been identified, but not yet arrested. UPDATE: Police later said the man originally identified as a suspect is no longer under suspicion.

The police narrative, edited slightly for clarity:


Witness 1 stated he was at his mom’s house and he and victim had some beef over a female and they met up to squash it. Witness 1 stated that he and his cousin ended their spat and Suspect 1 started running his mouth. Victim saw that Suspect 1 had a gun and told his aunt because it was her house. Witness 1 stated that his mom told Suspect 1 to leave several times. The altercation started to escalate. Suspect 1 fled out of the house. Victim 1 followed after him. Witness 1 stated that he came out shortly after and found Victim 1 on the ground.

Witness 3 was in the house during the altercation and said to Suspect 1, ‘Dude, you brought a gun up in my auntie’s house.’ He stated that Suspect 1 and Victim 1 ran out of the house. He did not see the shooting, but heard the shots and ducked so he did not get shot.

There was a second victim at 33rd and Cross. He said he was at the house when a  fight broke out. He stated that someone came up from behind him wearing gray sweats and a white shirt, about 5’5″, and struck him in the back of the head.

Witness 4 said she did not see the shooting, but saw Suspect 1 running north and firing back south. She stated that the altercation was all over a female.