CHANCELLOR GEARHART: Got an opinion? Write UA board.

I  suggested yesterday that anybody with an opinion on the recent controversy over financial and public relations matters at the University of Arkansas should get in touch with University of Arkansas Board of Trustee members before next week’s board meeting.

The Board is expected to review the matter and Chancellor David Gearhart’s handling of it at its meeting Jan. 23-24 . Gearhart has strong support on the board and many expect a vote of confidence, though my sources relate some intense criticism emanating from elements of the board, too.


My point is that — if the issue is important — people should speak. Otherwise, the board could conclude it’s been much ado about nothing. (I’m currently in the somewhat-too-much-ado camp, though decidedly believe it’s been about something.)

I provided a link yesterday to telephone and mail contact information.


Her’s a list of what I’m told by an unofficial source are good e-mail addresses:

Stephen Broughton


C.C. Gibson III

John Goodson

Sam Hilburn

Ben Hyneman


David Pryor

Jane Rogers

Reynie Rutledge

Mark Waldrip

Jim von Gremp