QUACKERS: Duck Dynasty crew had a drop in ratings this week.

The  market has spoken on Duck Dynasty and its star’s ill-informed and insensitive remarks on matters of race and sexual orientation.

From Talking Points Memo on ratings after the controversy that fans viewed as a huge victory because the network that carries their popular reality show, A&E, backed off a suspension of Phil Robertson:


But rather than a ratings spike, viewership for the show’s season five premiere actually dipped considerably. Wednesday’s premiere drew 8.5 million viewers, down 28 percent from the season four premiere last August.

They used to say there was no such thing as bad publicity.

And speaking of cultural issues that drove the late, great Duck Dynasty debate:


* GAY MARRIAGE: Houston Mayor Annise Parker married her longtime partner Kathy Hubbard in a ceremony Thursday in California. Yes, Houston, TEXAS. The same-sex union was performed in California because, well, you know Texas. Houston grants insurance coverage to spouses of legally married city employees, by the way. Hubbard says she has other insurance and won’t need it. Other couples might. This is a policy the mighty University of Arkansas has continued to defer and delay, to its everlasting shame. It fears legislators who’d like to make domestic  coverage — which might not only provide for same-sex couples, but also various other family units — illegal. To date, the Central Arkansas Library System is the only government agency I know of extending this common-sense benefit which promotes worker productivity and family stability.

You can run, Duckheads, but you can’t hide from the march of marriage equality and human dignity.


UPDATE: I’ve learned the city of Fayetteville also provides domestic partner benefits.