UNION TRIBUTE: You can find one in Little Rock, at the National Cemetery.

Great story in New York Times about an enormous controversy in Florida over a proposal to add a Union memorial to a Civil War battleground state park that only contains Confederate monuments.

Feelings run high.


Last month, opposition to the monument exploded during a state parks workshop in nearby Lake City. Before a crowd packed into a school auditorium, a black advocate for the Confederacy (from out of state) waved a Confederate flag. Confederate supporters rose quickly to their feet and belted out “Dixie.” Speaker after speaker denounced the Union proposal.

“There are some, apparently, who consider this to be a lengthy truce and believe that the war is still going on,” said Mr. Custer, known as Buck.

This couldn’t happen here, of course.

At least it couldn’t as long as no Damn Yankees propose to put a memorial to Union troops on the state Capitol lawn with the Confederate remembrances.