SINGALONG: With Sen. Hutchinson.

And look what the cat drug in on Facebook last night:

* THE SINGING SENATOR HUTCHINSON: Prinn McGee posted a Facebook video of Republican Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson singing and offering some commentary on Lt. Gov. Mark Darr’s campaign finance report problems — “idiot,” he commented, but not a criminal. Hutchinson had some campaign finance problems of his own. The woman who made the video snarks as the camera rolls that Darr should have followed the Hutchinson template — turned himself in and accepted a token fine. Darr tried. Blue Hog got there first.


PS — My attention is called to a string of charges for meals at Little Rock restaurants and a liquor store by Sen. Hutchinson on his latest campaign finance report. He describes them, as Mark Darr did, as “fund-raising”  expenses. No contributions appear on his report on the corresponding dates of those “fund-raising” expenses. Hmmmm.   UPDATE: Hutchinson says the major expenses were invoices for expenses to cater and buy beverages for a party held at his condo as a fund-raiser. The smaller tabs, he said, were to talk with people about fund-raisers and he said he could supply all relevant names. A CPA is handling his affairs now, he said.

* THE HEART AND MIND OF A TEA PARTY CONSERVATIVE: A reader also sent me an exchange of e-mails with Sen. Bart Hester, the Tea Party Republican, who expressed his commitment to fighting reauthorization of funding for Arkansas’s private option Medicaid expansion. No surprise there. What’s interesting is Hester”s essential belief — erroneous — that the private option is only of benefit to deadbeats. or people who can afford to buy their own insurance Anybody who can’t get a job in Northwest Arkansas isn’t trying, he said.


Hester, of course, benefits from low-cost, solid gold state employee insurance as a member of the Senate. Plus he gets a below-market-rate state rental to spend nights in Little Rock. You’d have to look hard to find a job with his insurance at his low rates when you make $15,000 a year, as Hester does as a senator. Of course, for many people, that’s ALL they make flipping burgers.

 A picture of one of them: