TRUSTEE HILBURN TO BOARD CHAIR: Support for David Gearhart.

In response to my document request, University of Arkansas Board of Trustees Chair Jane Rogers supplied copies of letters and e-mails she’s received regarding the financial audit of the UA campus in Fayetteville and Chancellor David Gearhart’s involvement.

Most are favorable to Gearhart. They include the letter I mentioned earlier that Trustee Sam Hilburn of North Little Rock in support of Gearhart. He’s not going to attend the meeting Thursday and Friday because of a recent surgery.


Hilburn’s letter, most of which is shown above, concludes with a plea that the board “come together” and present a united front for the school and its leaders.


UPDATE: As I’ve written before, Board Chair Rogers is on board the back-Gearhart movement. She wrote in response to a letter I posted earlier from a former student government president praising Gearhart:

Dear Billy,

I want you to know that I greatly appreciate your letter of support for Dave Gearhart. He has been and continues to be a strong and effective leader for the University. He has made a tremendous difference in the lives of our students over the past years. The problems with the Advancement Division have been corrected and now it is time to put this behind us and continue to move forward.

Thanks again for your letter.

Jane Rogers