A poll of registered voters commissioned by the advocacy group Freedom to Marry found support for gay marriage in states that do not currently allow gay and lesbian couples to marry. More evidence of the tidal shift, long and slow but accelerating every year. Even many gay marriage opponents recognize that it’s likely inevitable, with 49 percent of those against marriage equality stating that they expected it to happen in their state within the next few years. 

A whopping 78 percent of voters said that gay marriage would have either a minimal or positive impact on them personally, with just 21 percent believing marriage will have a negative impact. That’s pretty much the rub, isn’t it?


The poll broke out regions (while Western and Central regions showed strong support for gay marriage, the South was evenly split) but not by states. Arkansas, of course, likely lags behind, even in the South. A recent Talk Business poll showed that robust opposition for full marriage equality remains in Arkansas.